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Elisa Tudon, Hospital Manager at Camelwest Animal Hospital in Phoenix

Elisa Tudon, CVT
Hospital Manager

Elisa began her veterinary career in 2003, working first as a receptionist and then as an assistant as she attended college. She graduated from the College of Southern Nevada in 2008  and became a Certified Veterinary Technician. Elisa relocated to Arizona later in 2008 and has been working at Camelwest. In late 2016 she was promoted to hospital manager. When not at work, Elisa enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, three “4-legged-furry kids”, and reading good books.

Client Service Representatives

Bonnie Sandoval

In 2001, Bonnie was given the opportunity to “do something I love” when she joined the Camelwest team. She is our Client Service Representative (CSR), and the part of her job she enjoys the most is caring for all the clients and patients. Bonnie is a native of Arizona, and when not at work enjoys spending time with her husband and young son. Together they have three dogs.

Alice Chipley

Alice is one of the first faces you will see greeting you when you walk in the door at Camelwest. She’s an Arizona native with an associate’s degree from Phoenix College. She joined Camelwest in September of 2015 but has worked for NVA as a CSR since 2007. She lives with her fiancé Jonathan and their 2 kids, Bradley and Laiken. They also have 5 dogs; Chewy, Emma, Sugar, Ringo and Bellatrix and one cat named Archer.

Vet Assistants

Bridget Artiga

Bridget graduated with an Associates Degree in art from Phoenix College but her love for animals made her want to pursue a career where she could help animals. In early 2017 Bridget decided to get her certificate for Veterinary Assistant and has been with Camelwest since her externship. When not at work Bridget likes to spend her free time with her two fur babies that she adores.

Armelin Florencio

Armelin has been part of the Camelwest family since May 2015 and loves it. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Pima Medical Institute in 2014. She has two dogs, Pepper and Clover; and 3 cats, Annie, Aziza, and Sir Beanie Pawz. When she is not at work, she is home enjoying her time with her son, Wyatt, and trying to stay out of the Arizona heat.

Virginia Nunez

Vicky joined the Camelwest family late 2015. . She graduated from Carrington College early 2015 and completed her externship at Camelwest. Vicky found her passion at an early age working with animals. Vicky is a caring, helpful person and likes spending her time off with her fiancé and two dogs, Chloe and Chato.

Natina Shalley

Natina worked in accounting for almost six years but decided that she wanted to change careers to something that she was passionate about, which have always been animals. She started volunteering at MCACC in 2009 during high school and in 2016 decided that it was time to turn the hobby of caring for homeless pets at the shelter into a career that she loved. She is currently in school to obtain her CVT license and still spends her free time caring for homeless pets and loving on her two dogs at home.

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Ryann Stepp

Ryann graduated as a veterinary technician in 2013 and did her externship with Camelwest Animal Hospital. Ryann has been part of the team since then. Ryann enjoys working with cats, dogs, and has a soft spot for those small, furry and scaly animals that are not your normal family pet. When Ryann is not at work she likes spending time with her wife and family of furry and scaly children. She enjoys drawing and being creative.

Kim Taylor

Kim graduated with a BA from Penn State University prior to moving to Arizona from upstate New York – she was looking to “escape” the lousy weather! She spent many years in retail management before deciding to follow her dreams and enter the veterinary profession. She went back to college, and in 2011 became a Certified Veterinary Technician. Kim has been a member of the Camelwest team since obtaining her CVT license. She shares her home with a husband, three dogs, 5 cats, and a bird.

Clinic Cats


Majerle the cat became a part of our Camelwest family in the spring of 2011 when he and his siblings were left in a box at our back door. He immediately became a part of the team, and by age six months had appointed himself Hospital Supervisor and Official Greeter. His favorite activities include teasing the other cats, sleeping, and sneaking into sections of the clinic that he knows he is not allowed in and giving love bites.


Abby was brought to us in 2011 by a Good Samaritan who had found her mother dead and was worried about the orphaned kittens. Despite her tough start in life, she has flourished and very much enjoys the life of Clinic Cat. Abby obeys rules better than her buddy Majerle , and has appointed herself Quality Control Supervisor of activities in the manager’s office. Her favorite pastimes are keeping the manager company, eating, and sleeping.


Norman was brought to Camelwest in the fall of 2017 by a staff member who found him in her back yard injured. After examination and x-rays, doctors found that Norman had a bone infection in his right front leg. Doctors thought they may have to amputate the leg at first but with some tender loving care and medication, Norman's leg healed. You can find Norman begging for food and rarely turns down anything edible. Everyone at Camelwest really enjoys Norman’s sweet company just as his feline companions Mommacita and Majerle do.


Mommacita came to Camelwest August 2017 with a litter of kittens. Upon further examination, doctors found she had one kitten still left inside her. The doctors at Camelwest performed an emergency C-Section and the last kitten was born 24 hours after his siblings. All kittens were rehomed to loving families whom we still see here at Camelwest. Mommacita is such a great cat that we decided to keep her as a fluffy family member. Mommacita spends her days playing in water, eating treats, and being a companion to Majerle and Norman.